Why is the popularity of universities decreasing all the time today?

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Why is the popularity of universities decreasing all the time today?

Now, for the most part, it is pointless to study at a university for many years in any specialty. It is much more profitable and easier to find suitable online courses and take them under the guidance of a competent specialist. As a result, you will be able to save a lot of time and, of course, financial resources. Some believe that they will have to pay only for the university itself. But in reality, the costs will be much higher: fees, graduation fees, travel, bribes, lunches, and more. And if we take into account that many people tend to live separately in a dormitory, then the costs will be an order of magnitude higher.

It is also necessary to take into account that a young master, who graduated from the university, in fact, does not know much. They will be able to hire him only for a minimal position, then over time he will begin to go further. By completing online courses, it is possible to save quite a lot of time, which means that you can start your career faster. That is why the younger generation often refuses to go to university, taking a variety of online courses.

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